My hoe story


P.s- Every girl goes through a hoe phase in her life. Some just last longer than others.

Most women say they like a man’s jawline, his eyes, his smile…blah blah blah. Am not really like this. I mean i notice a nice smile and sexy eyes, but am more of a penis-kind-of-woman. I love sex. Sex is amazing. Its like that one feel good pill you take daily to get through a rough day. There is nothing a good pounding cant solve.

Moving in with my boyfriend,Alex, meant sex on the regular. And i was pretty excited. We had a whole house to ourselves! There was no limit to where or when or how we’d get it on. And how i loved the days he’d get off from work, throw me down wherever and give me that ‘i have missed you pounding’! It was magical. Literally seemed to solve all my problems.

It was perfect until my boss brought this intern at work and specifically assigned him to me to show him around. His name was Ben. And i knew i was in trouble when i realised that i wasn’t just staring at him, i was undressing him with my eyes. He looked a little mature for his age and everything about him turned me on. His cologne was alluring, his crotch promising and i wanted him to kiss me already! I was tired of waiting for the perfect timing.., because exactly when is it ever ok to devour one’s fantasies? And oh ny, these fantasies were driving me insane. I pictured him as the perfect lover, maybe because of his gentle nature. But i didnt just want the sex yet, i wanted to savour everything else that led upto to it just as badly; the slow kissing, the pulling together, grabbing, tearing clothes off each other, heavy breathing, biting, scratching, grinding, loud moans, feeling each other- then sex. I tried my best to avoid him because i had a good thing back at home. I could not let lust destroy my relationship.

But the fact that Alex was swamped with work frustrated me. The honeymoon phase in our relationship was clearly over, which scared me abit. We were not having sex like crazed monkeys all over anymore. We hardly had time to talk too, because he got home late and left early. I tried waiting up for him afew times. I ‘d get home early, clean, cook and dress up for him in sexy lingerie. But when he finally came i would have zoned out, or he would  be too tired to notice me. He would wash up and fall asleep before i could warm his food. He had no idea how much i missed him, or how long i had waited up for him. He had become like a robot. All work and no play. Am only human. So naturally, i craved attention and affection, even if for half a second.

And then one day it just happened. In the supplies closet, at work. Ben and i were counting some materials for a project when all of a sudden i was on top of him, tearing open his shirt and struggling to unzip his khaki trousers. His body was alot more perfect than i had imagined it to be. He was totaly ripped, and all i wanted was to lick him from head to toe. I wanted to write love notes on his skin with my tongue. Nobody ever wants to mix business with pleasure. But here we were anyway, unable to hold it together anymore. It felt so wrong, yet so right. He kissed me and i forgot about my worries. Everything else was oblivious at that moment. Before i could recover he threw me down and lay on top of me. He kissed my neck and i felt my whole body erupt with immense pleasure. By the time he got to my inner thighs i could feel fireworks, tsunamis and earthquakes between my legs. My thighs were shaking like a broken washing machine. I dont know exactly how long he was down there, but i didnt want it to end.

It was beautiful.

To have a man know his way around a vagina is quite heavenly. I reached out my hand and felt him. He was so hard. Eventually, we gave in to our bodily desires.
I could have easily lost my cool and moaned out loud for the world to hear, but i had to remind myself that we were in a work place. Our jobs and reputation were on the line. But the way he was giving it to me was just amazing. I had to occasionally cover my mouth to prevent my moans. I felt my body tremble with each thrust. And when we finally gave out, we lay there, extremely exhausted, heaving, unable to say anything. I wanted to tell him how incredible his dick was, but i could not form the words just yet. We just stared at each other and smiled.
I spent the rest of the day delirious. I could not concentrate on work, not with my vagina that sore and the memory of what i’d done so fresh. It felt exciting, thrilling and i often caught myself smiling. I faked sickness and went home. When i got there, the reality of what i had done suddenly hit me. I felt awful, dirty and i was disappointed with myself. I’d had sex with another man! I got into the shower and washed off, but i couldnt seem to wash away my guilt as i had easily washed the cum off my body.

I cried myself to sleep.

Alex woke me up later when he got home. He seemed normal and happier, i noticed. And he had flowers and a bottle of wine in hand. He went on and on explaining about how work was tight and how sorry he was for being so distant, but all i could think about was how i’d cheated on him.
He cooked dinner, we ate, drunk, talked and made up. Somewhere in the middle of all that we fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning to his right hand gentling tracing the outline of my clit. His other hand was fondling my boob, while his lips nibbled my earlobe.

It felt so good.

He shoved his manhood inside me and i cried out in pleasure. It had been so long with him that i had  almost forgotten how his sex felt like. This was exactly how i wanted to be woken up every morning. We all deserve morning sex and pancakes, right?
I convinced myself that i was over the incident with Ben and decided to not let it bother me anymore. Afterall, Alex and i had made up. I had no reason to screw around and ruin my relationship. When i got to work later, i wanted to find Ben and call off things with him. But i had alot of unfinished assignments so i decided to just avoid him for a while. Problem is, he was like a leech stuck on my back. I literally bumped into him in every corner of the buiding. I was going to have a hard time avoiding him, because his presence was  not doing me any good. I was so attracted to him, i just wanted to pounce on him everytime. I tried severally to put a stop to whatever this was, but we’d just end up having sex and going back to our desks like nothing had happened. The more we had sex, the more my guilt disappeared. Almost like i was getting used to it. Like i was loving it. The only time i felt bad about it was when i got home and Alex wanted to make love, but i’d be so exhausted so i had to lie that it was about work. Little did he know somebody was working me out.

My turning point was when we almost got caught one night. I had stayed up late in the office to finish a project. I thought i was all alone till i felt soft lips on my neck. It was  Ben. He had come back to get something when he saw me. We got it on right there, on top of my desk. Our lust was cut short immediately when i heard the bosse’s voice down the hallway. He had probably noticed my light on and was coming back up to check on me. I pushed Ben under the desk and quickly fastened the buttons of my shirt. He bust into the room, without knocking, looked at my messy hair and just told me not to overwork.

If only he meant that!

I decided i could not go on like that. Living a lie. A few minutes of pleasure were not going to cost me my job, reputation and boyfriend.
The next day Ben came into my office. He just wanted to talk. I noticed he was smiling and i wondered why.
“I wanna make you mine. I want to date you!”
I was caught off-guard because i thought that this was purely sex. But there he was, grinning, looking like a little boy in love for the first time.
“I cant do this anymore. It needs to stop. I have a man at home ..”
I watched as his smile disappeared, and was replaced by anger. He didnt take it so well as i had hoped. He got up and paced about the room, shaking his head vehemently.
“You didnt seem to have a man when you were fucking me! What do you take me for? You will regret this!”
I didnt get a chance to react because he stormed out of the room. I consoled myself that he would later calm down and understand. I felt relieved on my part because i could finally concentrate on my work and my man. I was comforted by the fact that his internship was almost over, and with any luck, i would never see him again. In my head, it was all going to be perfect.

And so it was. Perfect. A few weeks later, Ben left. No goodbye, no nothing. But i felt at peace. I was ready to put the past behind me and move on.
Things with Alex were pretty great. Despite his busy schedule, he would still make time for me. We got back on track and i felt so happy. Contented.
One evening i got home from work and found him already there, cooking. I loved it whenever he was this romantic. My birthday was a few days away and he had began to spoil me. As i was heading to the bathroom to wash up, he mentioned something about some delivered movies we would watch later on.
I was treated to a sumptous three-course meal, and eventually we curled up on a couch in the living room to watch the movie. He said some guy had dropped it off, claiming i had ordered it online. I couldnt recall any of that but i was too excited at the moment to be bothered about it.

My grin was short-lived though. I lost it all that night. I lost the man i loved the most because i could not keep my legs closed. That was no ordinary movie. It was a sex tape. My sextape. That sneaky bastard Ben had recorded one of our romping sessions. I was caught. There was no explanation for what we were watching. That was cearly me in the tape, legs stretched out like i was about to receive holy manna from heaven, moaning and groaning like the world was about to end. I cant tell you what Alex was saying, for i could not hear him. I could see his lips moving but i could not hear what he was saying. I just sat there, mouth wide open, tears in my eyes, unable to move or talk. I realised it was all real when i heard the door slam.
He was gone.


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